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Daily Maintenance Guide for Carpets

Daily vacuum cleaning: Carpet manufacturers recommend the use of Upright Vacuum Cleaners; the SEBO BS36 is ideal and very effective in removing loose soil and grit from your carpet. The double action rotary brush system grooms and cleans more thoroughly deep into the base of the carpet pile. Tub vacuums are not recommended for regular use but perfectly ok for occasional spot vacuuming.

Entrance door matting: As much as 85% of the dirt in your carpet is walked in on the sole of your shoes. The answer is to stop dirt and moisture at all entrances and access points with an effective dirt barrier. Soil control matting (entrance door matting) is one of the most efficient ways of protecting your carpets and controlling the amount of dry soil and dirt that is walked into your building. Carpet manufacturers recommend a high absorbency doormat, preferably the washable type. Coconut matting is ineffective and unsuitable.

Refuse collection trolleys: Many spots, spills and drag marks are caused as a direct result of leaking bin liners and refuse sacks, to remedy the problem we recommend the use of PVC lined refuse collection trolleys.

Routine spot cleaning of carpets: Host has developed a simple spot cleaning kit that makes it easy to clean and remove spots and spills whenever they appear. An incredibly simple technique, no mixing of chemicals and no risk of damage to carpets. The best time to remove a spot or spill is immediately, we encourage placing a bag of Host dry cleaner and Host spot remover on each cleaning trolley. This way, spots and spills can be dealt with quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of permanent staining or damage to the carpet.

Carpet deep cleaning and periodic maintenance: Leading carpet manufactures world-wide recommend the Host dry extraction carpet cleaning system to keep up the appearance of your building. Regular cleaning with Host will prolong the active life of your carpets and provide a clean and healthy working environment.


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