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Frequently Asked Questions - Carpet Related

Is it true that carpets get dirtier quicker after being wet cleaned?

Yes, carpets will get dirtier quicker after being wet cleaned.

Your carpet may appear to look clean after is has been wet cleaned but the truth is your carpets have just been heavily impregnated with copious amounts of water and sticky detergent. Dirt from daily foot traffic on the soles of your shoes is quickly attracted by cleaning residue left in the carpet. In a commercial building, high levels of foot traffic will rapidly re-soil carpets at an alarming rate.

Evidence of a carpets re-soiling is often noticeable within just a few days after wet cleaning, brown or grey patches or streaks in walkways and entrances are the usual signs. However, the problem can be resolved by regular cleaning with Host. Host does not contain any un-natural detergents or sticky wet cleaning chemicals, so carpets will not re-soil and stains will not come back.

Will Host or Host SJ wear out my carpet?

No, Host products will not wear out your carpet. If Host wore out carpets, we certainly would not have the carpet mill recommendations we have. Over 100 carpet manufacturers and fibre producers recommend or approve Host.

We have cleaned hundreds of thousands of carpets over the years and have never worn out a carpet. Actually, we have case studies that show the Host System prolongs the useful life of the carpet because the appearance level is maintained at such a high level. Host is a safe product for carpet. It is made of a soft, natural organic sponge like material which cannot cut or scratch carpet fibres.

The Host Sponges, when dry, has a hardness of 4.5 on the Mohs scale. When Host is moist, it is even softer. Soil is composed of sand, quartz, feldspar, and rock, all of which are harder than Host. Carpet fibres, such as nylon, are very tough and can withstand years of high foot traffic with little damage. The Host System does not wear out carpet fibres, it extends the life of carpet!

Will Host damage carpet........?

The Host cleaning system uses soft, organic, natural sponge-like particles to carry the cleaning agents to the carpet. These soft Sponges are completely safe for the carpet. They do not cut or abrade the carpet fibers.

Host Dry Carpet Cleaner has been formulated to be pH balanced with carpet dye. Most dyes used in carpeting are on the acid side of the pH scale. Host is also slightly acidic and, therefore, it will not affect the dye in the carpet. Host is the safest way to clean all types of carpet.

We have also designed many different types of brushes for the Host Machines. Selecting the correct brush for the carpet is important for best results. If the wrong brush is used, it is possible to fuzz the carpet yarns during cleaning. When the correct brush is used, the carpet can be cleaned without fear of texture change or distortion.

Is the Host System only good for low pile carpets?

While the Host System performs quite well on low pile carpets, it can be used on all types of carpet. Sometimes on deep pile carpet it may be necessary to apply more Host and do more brushing to achieve better results. This may require extra vacuuming to properly remove the Host.

The Host System is ideal for all types of carpeting; one only needs to understand how to use it properly to achieve excellent results. Host is also excellent for Oriental, Chinese, Persian and Sisal floor coverings.

Do Host brushes take the twist out of the carpet yarns?

Carpet is manufactured from carpet yarns which have a heat-set twist. This means that during the manufacturing process, moisture, heat and pressure are applied to the yarn so it will retain its twist. When this is done properly, the twist remains close to the original appearance for quite a long time.

Eventually vacuuming, foot traffic and cleaning can slowly change the texture of the carpet and perhaps cause some of the twist to relax. This is considered normal, everyday wear and tear on the carpeting.

The brushing action of the Host Machines will not aggravate or cause this type of texture change. However, it is important to choose the correct brushes for the type of carpet you are cleaning.

Even after you have chosen the correct brush for a particular carpet, you should continue to observe the texture of the carpet while you are cleaning. If you notice any texture change, stop brushing and change to a softer brush.

Why do carpet mills and fibre producers recommend Host?

They recommend the Host System because they have found that it performs well and is safe for all types of carpet. Their experience has been that Host delivers clean carpet. They find their customer is happy with the long-term appearance of the carpeting and is more inclined to purchase carpet in the future. The carpet manufacturer and fibre producer are interested in selling more carpet, and they can do this if the customer is happy with their decision to purchase carpet. The Host System makes that possible because it delivers long-term, high appearance at reasonable cost.

Can I clean Oriental, Chinese or Persian rugs?

Yes, the Host system is ideal for cleaning delicate rugs. Host sponges have been specially formulated to be safe for most carpet dyes and Host is one of the safest ways to clean rugs of this type. Host Prep and Host Spot Remover are both Woolsafe approved, however, some dyes can be a problem and red dyes in general are not more prone to bleeding than dyes of any other colour. These rugs are often made with wool or silk fibres and we recommend you test for colour fastness before cleaning. Tassels on rugs can be difficult to clean, however, improvement can be made by lightly spraying with Host Prep and gently cleaning in a downwards direction with a soft cloth or terry towel. If you are using a Host machine gold brushes are ideal, if you have a Freestyle remove the vacuum pod to reduce the weight on the brushes. When brushing, be aware of the texture, do not brush aggressively, be careful when brushing near edges and do not brush the fringe or tassels.

Can I clean Sisal and Seagrass carpets using Host?

Natural carpets are very absorbent so permanent discoloration from daily spots and spills can be a problem. Host sponges are ideal for cleaning Sisal, Seagrass and Coir. However, some carpets are more sensitive than others and precautions do have to be taken! Note that the colour of these carpets may be affected by any type of cleaning and you should avoid the use of liquid pre-cleaners, spot and stain removers. Host sponges must be removed within 10 minutes after application or irreversible staining or colour loss can occur. If you are using a Host machine Chipmunk brushes are ideal. When brushing, be aware of the texture, do not brush aggressively.

How often should I clean my carpet?

The answer to this question will depend on the type of carpet, the colour and where it is installed.

If the carpet is installed in a residence, the need for cleaning will be different than if it is installed in a commercial setting. In most cases the carpet will only require cleaning twice a year when it is installed in a residence. Of course, there are exceptions to this depending on the number of people in the home, pets and the style of the carpet.

The key objective in any building is clean carpets every day of the year at reasonable cost! And the Host dry extraction carpet cleaning system does exactly that. However, as with any cleaning programme the more frequent the service, the greater the probability of recovery and long term appearance retention.

Six good reasons why you should use a Host contractor

Benefits of using a Host contractor

Host contractors are equipped to undertake the full range of Host cleaning services
Host contractors are trained to clean carpets, upholstery, grouted floor tile and textured flooring
Host contractors are fully insured and can be relied upon to offer the highest standards of service
Host contractors receive ongoing training and support, regularly updated with new product development
Host contractors only use the Host brand of Green Seal and WoolSafe approved carpet-cleaning products
Host contractors only use the Host Von Schrader brand of upholstery cleaner and stain removal treatments

Host trained contractor

The term Host Contractor means that the contractor has taken the opportunity to attend Host training courses to learn more about best working practices, the benefits of the Host cleaning system, and the full range of products we supply. Our training and certification program does not mean that we guarantee their work as it is impossible to check every job that is undertaken, but it does show a high level of commitment by the contractor who has taken the time to learn more about the best products, procedures and equipment for the job.

Locate a specialist Host contractor in your area

To contact a specialist Host carpet and upholstery cleaning contractor simply call us on 01843 830220 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help you to find the best contractor for your project in your area. The Host Contractors listed on our national database offer a full range of services from residential carpet and re cleaning to large commercial projects.

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