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Frequently Asked Questions - Cost Related

Cost per square metre to clean a carpet

By comparison to other cleaning systems on the market the Host System is relatively inexpensive to use. When used properly the Host dry extraction cleaning system offers the most cost effective and efficient carpet deep cleaning and maintenance system on the market.

Whenever you are analysing the cost to clean carpet, it is important to include all the cost factors involved: labour, materials and overhead costs so let’s look at each factor.

Labour Cost, Carpet Cleaning

Most manufacturers of carpet cleaning equipment overstate the productivity rate of the equipment they are promoting. We feel it is important to give as accurate a measure of productivity as possible.

When we describe the productivity rate with the Host System, we are including everything that is required to complete the cleaning job: Setting up the equipment, pre-vacuuming, deep cleaning and final vacuuming.

When these factors are considered, the productivity rate with Host is very competitive. There is very little setup time and cleaning the machine is very simple. The productivity rate for Host Reliant is 40 to 90 square metres per hour and when using the Freestyle the productivity rate increases to at least 90 to 150 square meters per hour.

Some customers have reported even faster times than these with the Liberator working at 200 to 250 square meters per hour. These increased productivity rates are due to the ability of the extractorVAC to do several jobs at once; pile lifting, vacuuming and deep cleaning.

With proper training, the Host System is a very cost effective way to clean a carpet. With the combination of power brushing and power vacuuming it’s an unbeatable team when it comes to soil removal. It’s simply the most efficient and effective method of cleaning carpet which contributes to massive savings in both labour and material cost.

Material Cost, Carpet Cleaning

In a commercial building, the average cost to clean a light to medium soiled carpet using Host is between 2p to 4p per square meter. Naturally, the cost to clean a very dirty carpet will be much higher.

Product cost guide

Light Soiling

Medium Soiling

Heavy Soiling

Restoration Clean

2 pence per m²

4 pence per m²>

6 pence per m²

8 pence per m²

The Host Applicator is the best way to control your material costs when cleaning with the Host System. You have three choices of coverage when you use the Host applicator - light, medium or heavy soil. The applicator reduces material costs by dispensing an accurate, controlled amount of Host sponges and lowers labour costs too!

Product Usage Guide, Carpet Cleaning

The primary cleaning product is Host Sponges dry carpet cleaner. The quantity of product required to clean a given area of carpet depends on the level of soiling. In a commercial premises with light to medium soiling (periodic maintenance clean) 1kg of Host sponges will clean an area of approximately 100m² to 150m² Naturally, heavily soiled carpet would requier a lot more product than a carpet that has been regularly maintained.

Host Prep traffic lane booster (carpet pre-spray) has been specially formulated for use with Host Sponges dry carpet cleaner. Prep is used to help remove dirt and grease from heavily soiled carpet, ideal for pre-spraying walkways, high traffic areas and patches of stubborn dirt. Prep is supplied as a concentrate and diluted 1:4 (one litre of Prep concentrate makes 5 litres of carpet pre-spray) Usage guide for Host Prep shows approximate quantity required in concentrated volume for an area of 100 m².

Product usage guide

Product Type

Light Soil

per 100 m²

Medium Soil

per 100 m²

Heavy Soil

per 100 m²

Restoration Clean

per 100 m²

Host Sponges

1 kg

1.5 kg

2.5 kg

3 kg

Host Prep





How much carpet will a large bucket of Host sponges clean?

Large bucket of Host sponges contains 13.6kg of product. One bucket of Host sponges used in a commercial building with light to medium soiling will clean an area of approximately 1360 to 906 square meters of carpet. When cleaning heavily soiled areas or carrying out carpet restoration work a 13.6kg bucket of sponges will clean an area of approximately 544 to 453 square meters of carpet.

When calculate the statistics based on a residential premises, the average size lounge being used as an example (medium to heavy soiling roughly 20 square meters) one bucket of Host sponges (13.6kg) will clean approximately 34 lounge carpets. Naturally, a very heavily soiled carpet would requier a lot more product.

What is the average price for cleaning carpets and upholstery?

Using information gathered from Host contractors throughout the UK we have developed a national average - pricing format. Our recommended pricing structure for residential cleaning is based on unit cost, e.g. fixed price per sofa / fix price per armchair, for carpet cleaning a similar system is used. Commercial cleaning requires a more detailed approach due to the large volume of carpet or upholstery involved, prices for commercial services are established using a survey and costing analysis system. This information is made available to Host contractors during initial training.

How long will it take to clean sofa or chair?

Subject to the level of soiling the average Sofa can be cleaned in less than one hour, a single arm chair 30 minutes or less, a dining chair or office chair can be cleaned in 5 to 10 minutes.

What is the cost outlay to clean a typical Sofa or Chair?

The outlay on materials to clean upholstery is relatively low. The higher element of cost relates to labour, overheads and the initial investment on equipment.

Blue label upholstery cleaning detergent, mainly used for residential cleaning

Subject to the level of soiling, 1 gallon of blue label detergent will clean approximately 125 armchairs; the equivalent in material cost to clean an armchair is about 15 pence. 1 gallon of blue label will clean approximately 56 sofas; the material cost to clean a two-seater sofa is about 33 pence.

Red label upholstery cleaning detergent, predominately used for commercial cleaning

One gallon of red label concentrate makes enough solution to clean approximately 320 square meters of upholstery. Subject to the degree of soiling, 1 gallon of red label detergent will clean approximately 640 office chairs, the material cost to clean the seat on a standard office chair is about 3 pence.

How long will a full tank of upholstery cleaning solution last?

The Aridex can run for up to 8 hours on a full tank of cleaning solution (7.6 liters) in cash terms that’s about 24 pence per tank. Naturally, much of this depends on the level of soiling and the experience of the cleaning operative using the machine.

Ten good reasons not to franchise

Average cost of a franchise using the Host carpet cleaning system is £15,000 + vat
Average cost of purchasing a Host carpet cleaning system direct from us is £3400 + vat

Here are 10 good reasons why you should avoid being involved with a franchise company.
And 10 good reasons why you should buy direct from us!

Ten Good Reasons Not To Franchise

1. Questionable profitability. Most franchisers do not provide much information to potential franchisees regarding earning possibilities, making it difficult to assess how lucrative investment in the company could be. Even the franchisers who do supply this information can only offer average sales and often these figures are exaggerated on what they believe you can expect to earn. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't which is not very helpful when you are trying to determine if your individual franchise will be successful after investing in excess of £15,000

2. High start-up costs. Before opening your franchise, you may be required to pay a non-refundable initial franchise fee, which can cost several thousand pounds. In addition to the initial fee, there are also usually high start-up costs associated with furnishing your franchise with the necessary inventory and equipment. It can easily take several years to recoup the expenses connected with getting your franchise off the ground. At Timberstone we offer you a totally independent business opportunity, no overpriced start-up costs and no licence fees! With a number of options available we can put together a system suitable for most budgets and levels of investment.

3. Trading restrictions and territories. Imagine the following scenario: You have just spent thousands of pounds opening your own carpet cleaning franchise when another franchisee from the same franchise company opens only a few miles down the road which is just outside your territory and has essentially reduced your customer base to a minimum. This type of thing happens to franchisees all the time. Buying direct allows you to operate wherever you want! No boundaries, No territories.

4. Limited independence. When you buy a franchise, you are not just buying the right to use the franchiser’s name. You are buying its business plan as well. As a result, most franchisers impose price, appearance and design standards on franchisees, limiting the ways you can operate the franchise. While these regulations can help promote uniformity, they can also stifle your own creativity and ability to cater to local tastes or needs. Timberstone offers you a totally independent business opportunity – giving you the freedom to make your own decisions and run the business more effectively.

5. Royalty payments. Franchisees are required to make continuing royalty payments to the franchiser based on a percentage of his or her monthly sales, continually eating into the franchisee’s hard earned net profit. Purchase your host system direct from us and all the profit is yours - no royalties, no commission fees, what you earn is yours to keep!

6. Inflated pricing on supplies. In many cases, the franchiser can designate the franchise’s supplier of goods and services. Franchisers argue that this is done to maintain quality control, often selling at inflated rates well above the current market price, and not allowing you the opportunity to shop around - subsequently limiting competition and you are forced to pay higher prices on supplies. Timberstone offers the best prices in the UK, with trade discount rates available across the Host product range. No restrictions on minimum orders and massive discounts available on bulk purchases.

7. Restrictions on post-term competition. Let’s say that you decide to purchase a carpet cleaning franchise but after a couple of years you determine that you could run a higher quality and more profitable company of your own. Unfortunately, non-competition clauses are built into almost every franchise agreement, franchisees are not allowed to become independent business owners in a similar business after termination of the franchise agreement. By purchasing a franchise, you may be unwittingly limiting your business opportunities for years after the expiration of your contract. Another good reason why you should buy direct from Timberstone!

8. Advertising and marketing fees. Many franchisees are obligated to make regular contributions to the franchiser’s advertising fund. Sales, marketing and good PR is the key to any successful business and can be very costly if the advertising budget is not used wisely. Being independent gives you the freedom to invest in advertising when and how often your budget dictates. You are also free to advertise in areas you feel will be more lucrative as opposed to being dictated to by others.

9. Training and operational support. During the initial start-up period of the business most franchisors will offer you one to one training and support. However, after a period of time you may wish expand your franchise and take on additional staff. The franchisor will often insist that staff training is carried out by the franchise company and argue that this is done to maintain quality control and often charging highly inflated rates – ranging from £250 to £350 per day per person. During the initial start-up period of the business most franchisors will offer you one to one training and support. However, after a period of time you may wish expand your franchise and take on additional staff. The franchisor will often insist that staff training is carried out by the franchise company and argue that this is done to maintain quality control and often charging highly inflated rates – ranging from £250 to £350 per day per person.

10. Unfair termination. Even the slightest impropriety on your part, such as being late on a royalty payment or violating the franchise’s standard operating procedure, can be cause for the franchiser to terminate your agreement. The possibility of losing your entire investment for being late on a royalty payment is a scary thought. 10 good reasons why you should buy direct - no contracts, no license agreements, and no royalty fees!

Franchise organisation national recognised brand, true or false! Some franchise companies will tell you that one of the biggest advantages of their franchise is they have built a regional or nationally recognised brand that has value in the eyes of customers you are trying to attract, which naturally comes at a price! Often is the case, the franchise brand is relatively unknown in many parts of the UK.

Host trademark, nationally recognised brand “worldwide”
When you invest in Host cleaning system from Timberstone you will be given the opportunity to use the Host logo on vehicles, staff uniforms, business cards and websites, you will granted permission free of charge to use the high profile image of the Host brand that Host has built its reputation on over many years worldwide!

Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Products and Accessories

Our range of environment friendly Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Products uses the highest quality natural ingredients - dermatologically tested, 100% recycled, 100% natural and 100% biodegradable.

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