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Frequently Asked Questions - Product Related

Will Host deep clean carpets?

The unique design makes the Host Machines ideal for deep cleaning carpets. Carpet is manufactured in straight rows of upright carpet yarns. This is similar to millions of individual, vertical surfaces. The brushes of the Host Machine turn toward each other in a vertical direction, the same direction as the carpet yarns. This makes it possible for the brushes to get into the carpet pile and work the Host Sponges in, around and through the carpet yarns, deep cleaning the carpet.

A side benefit is effective pile lifting and restoration. So if the carpet is dirty right to the backing, the Host Machine can work the Host Sponges deep into the carpet. The Sponges Cleaner then dissolves and absorbs the soil and is removed during the vacuuming procedure.

The Host eVAC improves on the ability to deep clean because of its superior vacuuming ability. In heavily soiled areas, power vacuum the area before applying Host and this will help you to achieve better results.

Is Host only a carpet maintenance product?

No. The Host System can be used for total carpet care which includes regular carpet maintenance, as well as carpet cleaning and restoration cleaning.

While it is true that the most efficient way to use the Host System is as a maintenance tool, its unique qualities make it possible for Host to clean very dirty carpet in a controlled manner. Often the carpet has been “uglied out” due to improper or careless wet cleaning techniques. Host is an ideal way to restore these carpets and prepare them for regular, ongoing carpet maintenance.

In order to effectively maintain a carpet, it is necessary to use a system of cleaning that removes the soil from the carpet before it can build up and spread. This is why in a maintenance program it is important to concentrate your cleaning and vacuuming efforts in the areas where people walk.

The Host System dissolves, absorbs and then extracts the soil from the carpeting. Since Host uses a controlled amount of moisture, it is easy to blend into the surrounding clean carpet during maintenance cleaning. So when the cleaning procedure is complete, the entire carpet, wall-to-wall, looks clean because it is clean.

What is PREP Traffic Lane Booster For?

PREP Traffic Lane Booster is to be used with Host in those very difficult areas that resist cleaning. It is a powerful cleaning booster containing professional strength detergents and penetrating solvents which combine to help break surface tension and emulsify excess oil film which binds dirt to carpet fibers.

PREP Traffic Lane Booster puts extra cleaning power just where you need it; entryways from parking lots, doorways to restaurant kitchens, on hard-to-clean spills such as medicine, thick, greasy food, etc. It is, however, meant to be used sparingly, only in a light mist. PREP is not the cleaner, Host is.

Why will the Host System take out a spot so it will not come back?

First, it is important to understand why some spots reappear. When liquid is used in an uncontrolled manner to remove spots from the carpet, it can dissolve the spot and cause it to run to the base of the carpet. This is because of the vertical nature of carpeting. Gravity will take the dissolved soil and spots, and pull them toward the bottom of the carpeting. During the evaporation process, the dissolved spot is drawn up the sides of the carpet yarn and eventually reappears on the surface.

Host cleans in a controlled manner. It contains just the right amount of moisture to dissolve the soil or spot but not enough to cause it to run down the sides of the carpet yarn. As soon as the soil is dissolved, it is absorbed by the Host Sponges. Since none of the dissolved spot has the opportunity to run to the base of the carpet, there isn’t anything there to wick back to the surface. That’s why when you clean a spot with the Host System, it will not come back.

Is Host Safe?

The Host cleaning products are totally safe to use. We have MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) available on each product.

Host is not an eye irritant, not a primary skin irritant. It is also nontoxic by oral ingestion or by inhalation. However, some people with unusual skin sensitivity should protect their hands and arms from direct contact with the product. Also some people with respiratory problems should avoid using Host in unventilated or confined areas. By and large, for the general population, host is a safe product to use.

Can I be allergic to Host Cleaner?

While Host is a safe product to use and conforms to the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there is a possibility that some people may be allergic to an ingredient in the product.

Just as you may know someone who is allergic to milk or strawberries, you may find someone who will have an allergic reaction to a particular ingredient in the Host product. If this is true, we suggest this person not come into contact with the Host Cleaner. Most people can use Host without any reaction.

Can I get Host without the fragrance?

Yes, Host is available in a fragrance free formula. However, even this formula is not completely fragrance free since there are detergents and other cleaning agents in all Host dry cleaning products. But, this Host Fragrance Free version is a solution when odours are an issue. Usually the fragrance dissipates within 20-30 minutes after the cleaning.

What are the benefits of using the Host applicator?

The Host Applicator gives you three application settings, Light, Medium and Heavy. Light is for maintenance cleaning, Medium is for most average soiling conditions and heavy is for very dirty carpet. As you begin to work with the products, you will begin to recognise the different situations and understand which setting to choose.

How much Host should I apply before cleaning?

The answer to this depends on how you apply and which product you are using.

Host sponges dry carpet cleaner

If you are applying by hand when cleaning a very dirty carpet we recommend that you only apply enough to cover a 3m x 3m (9 square meters) area before brushing. If you apply to a larger area, it is possible that some of the cleaning agents may evaporate and your results will be unsatisfactory. If you are carrying out maintenance cleaning or cleaning a light or medium soiled carpet then you can apply up to 20 square meters before brushing. If you are applying with the Host applicator, you can apply to larger areas before you start brushing. The Host applicator applies the Host in small piles which hold the moisture for a longer time period. Therefore, you can apply up to 40 square meters of carpet before brushing. You must still brush the area in sections of 40 square meters at a time before moving to the next; otherwise, the Host will dry out too quickly and have very little effect on the carpet.

Host SJ (Special Job)

If you are using Host SJ the use guidelines are different. Apply Host SJ to an area of only 3 square meters before you begin brushing. Brush this area and then vacuum immediately. It is important to clean smaller areas and vacuum immediately when cleaning with SJ. For best results, SJ must be vacuumed while it is still damp. You may use the Host applicator with Host SJ; apply to smaller areas with the applicator as well.

Can you use the Host System for restoration cleaning?

Yes. The Host System is an ideal system for restoration cleaning. When a carpet is heavily soiled it may require many applications of Host and a great deal of brushing to truly restore the appearance of the carpet. With other methods of cleaning, multiple applications could over wet the carpet and cause damage but with Host there is never any chance of this occurring.

We developed Host for restoration cleaning. The unique blend of cleaning agents in Host will help you achieve superior results on really dirty carpet. The Host extractorVAC will do a superior job of removing the dry soil while at the same time opening up and restoring the texture. This will make the cleaning more efficient.

Is Host solvent based?

There is a great deal of confusion in the industry as to the nature of the various dry cleaning products available for carpet cleaning. The original dry cleaning products were solvent based products. They were a clay powder (diatomaceous earth) mixed with a dry cleaning solvent which was scattered on the carpet, brushed in with a hand brush or broom and then vacuumed. These products were oily and could potentially cause some resoiling.

Today, all of the dry cleaning products manufactured are water based, not solvent based. The Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning products are water based also. The main ingredients in Host and Host SJ are water, detergents and green cleaning chemistry.

This combination of cleaning ingredients helps to dissolve all types of soil, whether it is water based or oil based. And since such a small amount of moisture is used, there is very little left behind on the carpet fibre to promote resoiling. When you clean a carpet with the Host System, it will stay cleaner longer than with any other method you may have tried.

How can I achieve better results when cleaning with Host?

It’s the brushing action of the machine that contributes the most to getting good results. If people get poor results with the Host system, it is because they don’t do enough brushing, haven’t used enough product or haven’t used Host Prep, or they have allowed the product to evaporate and dry out before brushing the carpet. Choose the correct setting on the applicator, follow our advice, and your results will be excellent.

What is Host?

Host is a soft natural organic product consisting of millions of absorbent particles that act like a natural sponge. This unique product is moistened with specific amount of water and 100% plant-based ingredients. Host contains and controls all the necessary liquids to dissolve both water soluble and solvent soluble soil.

Host Sponges form two primary functions. First, they carry the liquid cleaning agents to the fibres in a controlled way. Second, they loosen, absorb and hold the soil in control for extraction by vacuuming.

Host also deodorises as it cleans, leaving carpets fresh, fragrant and clean. Host is non-abrasive, fully biodegradable and safe for the environment.

What is Host SJ?

Host SJ is a dry extraction, low moisture carpet cleaner formulated for special jobs. It is a natural, sponge-like material which we have mixed with water, detergents and a safe-to-use solvent. Host SJ is white in colour and is especially formulated for white, off-white, pastel and lighter colour carpets. It is also ideal for cleaning olefin and solution dyed nylon.

Are there any other dry carpet cleaning products on the market like Host?

Host is unique there is no comparison!

A number of cheap look-a-like products are available on the market. However, none of them can conform to the same environmental standard, cleaning ability or quality of Host.

Other products may appear to be cheaper when comparing like-for-like “on price” However, this case study confirms that cheap brands can actually cost even more!

Host vs Cheap Alternatives

Carpet Cleaning Case Study (24,000 square meter office building, City of London)

Test Results

By comparison, Host used 39% less product to remove ingrained soiling
Host was far more effective at removing spots, spills and coffee stains
Host was more user friendly, more manageable, easier to apply and cleaner to use
Host was much easier to vacuum from carpets after cleaning
Host left the carpet looking cleaner for longer, stains, spots and spills did not come back

Seven disadvantages of cheap brands

Cheap brand was very wet, when used formed into small balls that rolled uncontrollably under furniture.
Cheap brand was hard to work with, product stuck to hands and clothing, unpleasant and messy to use.
Cheap brand was very difficult to remove and took almost twice as long to vacuum out of the carpet.
Cheap brand used 39% more product to clean the same area of carpet to produce “similar” results.
Cheap brand was more labour intensive, costing additional 34% in labour to remove product from the carpet.
Cheap brand was not very effective, additional 22% cost in labour was wasted on removing marks by hand.
Cheap brand did not produce long lasting results; spots / spills came back within just a few days after cleaning.


By comparison to the cheap brand, Host cost 95% less in combined labour and material cost.
Host left the carpets looking cleaner, and left the carpets looking cleaner for longer too!
Cheap brands will cause problems for you and your customer.
Cheap brands do not offer value for money.
Cheap brands will not clean carpets like Host!

No other dry carpet-cleaning product on the market can compete or aspire to the unique concept and the reliability of Host.

Can Host be used to clean wood floors and laminate flooring?

Host sponges are not suitable for cleaning wood or laminate flooring, however, Host is ideal for cleaning un-treated textured non-slip flooring and grouted floor tile.

Further information on cleaning and treatments for wood floors and laminate flooring is available on our products page.

For technical advice on wood flooring call our support information help line 01843 830220

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