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Frequently Asked Questions - Upholstery Related

How Aridex Works

The Aridex machine has a unique handheld counter revolving brush unit which works with a specially formulated soil encapsulating detergent. The high-tech encapsulating detergent is mixed with air to create unique low moisture cleaning bubbles that surround and dissolve, and encapsulate the soil on the fabric. The counter revolving brushes on the brush unit provide mechanical agitation to loosen the dirt from the surface without distorting the fibres. Once the area is clean the built-in vacuum removes the soil laden bubbles. The Aridex cleaning bubbles use 90% to 93% less moisture than other upholstery cleaning system on the market and because the foam is low-moisture, it only penetrates the fabric and not the backing materials so fabrics are not soaked through, most fabrics are dry within 30 minutes.

Is the Aridex safe to use on all fabrics?

The Aridex is safe for most fabrics because it controls the moisture levels and prevents over wetting. The low moisture and short drying time of the Aridex provides a safe and easy method for cleaning most of the fabrics you will encounter.

Is the Aridex safe to use on Velvet?

Velvet should be cleaned only with dry foam. You can achieve excellent results with the Aridex on velvet and velvet styles.

Can the Aridex be used to clean leather upholstery?

Yes the Aridex can be used to clean leather upholstery too. Leather upholstery is the fastest growing fabric in the residential furniture supply market, and the Aridex and its range of specialist cleaning products have been specifically designed to meet these needs.

Leather Lather Safe and effective detergent for use in the Aridex and Esprit upholstery cleaning machines to clean all types of treated leather upholstery and vehicle interiors.
Leather Lotion Rich creamy liquid for use after cleaning leather, specially formulated to condition and restore the natural oils, and to strengthen, preserve and nourish treated leather upholstery.

How versatile is the Aridex, can it be used for cleaning any other areas?

Besides furniture in the home, cinemas, restaurants, and office buildings, all kinds of fabrics can be cleaned with the Aridex, including; fabric covered office panels, car interiors, boat interiors, caravans, aircrafts, buses and trains. These are just some of the great business opportunities the Aridex has to offer.

What is the difference between the Host Aridex and the Host Von Schrader Esprit?


The Professionals Choice!

Aridex Carpet Cleaner

  • The Aridex is lightweight in construction and ergonomically designed
  • Multi tasking machine for residential and commercial use
  • Easy carry handle on top of the machine which makes transportation a simple task
  • Slimline external casing, ideal for working between fixed seating in cinemas and theatres
  • Interchangeable brushes available for cleaning soft furnishings and carpeted stairs
  • Aridex hoses are 3mt long for ease of use in confined spaces and large open areas

Our Price £4695 + vat



Esprit Carpet Cleaner

  • The Esprit has a tough industrial external casing, purpose designed for heavy commercial use
  • Convenient in-built brush head holder on the top of the machine
  • Handy slide-out retractable handle for transportation over long distances
  • Interchangeable brushes are available for cleaning soft furnishings and carpeted stairs
  • The Esprit hoses are 5m long for use in large open areas

Our Price £6495 + vat

How long will fabrics take to dry?

A typical Sofa is usually dry within 30 minutes; however, some highly absorbent fabrics may take even longer. Depending on experience a Sofa can take up to 2 hours to dry “practice is the key”. The average dining chair or office chair is usually dry within 10 to 20 minutes. Contributing factors affecting drying time include type of fabric, relative humidity, room temperature and air circulation.

Should I vacuum the upholstery before cleaning?

Just as in carpet cleaning, always pre-vacuum before cleaning to remove dust, dirt and dry soil. It’s far easier to remove the dry dirt while it is still dry, a good thorough vacuuming of the fabric is essential for optimum results. Use the Aridex crevice tool to vacuum edges and corners, and around buttons. Use the Aridex brush attachment tool on flat and vertical surfaces. Inspect buttons and studs before vacuuming to be sure they are secure.

How much foam should I apply before brushing?

Apply the cleaning bubbles to about 2 square feet of fabric at a time and brush the area with the brush unit. Use both horizontal and vertical motions. Let the brush unit do the scrubbing while you slowly guide it over the fabric.

My Aridex machine is not producing foam?

The most common faults are;

A) Blocked filter screen inside the foam generator (see page 18 Aridex parts and instruction manual)

B) Old or contaminated detergent in solution tank.

C) Incorrect product dilution ratio.

D) Incompatible cleaning product being used in the machine.

For further information, help or advice call our help line: 01843 830220

Can I get different types of cleaning brushes for the Aridex?

Black ultra firm brushes are available for the Aridex and Esprit, more aggressive than the standard white brushes supplied with the machine and ideal for commercial seating areas in passenger terminal buildings, trains, airplanes, buses and boats. The perfect solution for challenging cleaning jobs in cinemas and theatres, and great for restoration work in restaurants and bars. Also used for removing heavy soil on nylon and polypropylene carpeted on stairs.


Can I clean mattresses with the Aridex?

The Aridex can be used to clean a number of items, including mattresses, office panels and even delicate rugs.

With mattress cleaning the method is much the same, just follow the basic rules for cleaning upholstery.

What should I do if a fabric fails the colourfast test...

Always test for colour-fastness, if a fabric fails the test notify the customer and explain the piece cannot be cleaned without risk of damage. If the customer wishes to have you clean the piece despite the risk of damage, obtain approval in writing before starting the work.

Examples of written disclaimers for carpets and upholstery are available from Timberstone (free of charge) terms and conditions apply.

For further information, email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is Blue Label used for?

Blue label is a low pH detergent formulated for the Aridex and Esprit low moisture upholstery cleaning system. Great for cleaning all types of upholstery containing wool and cotton fibre and where the fibre content is unknown or suspected to contain natural material. The low pH will give optimum performance with a high margin of safety, and with appropriate colour tests the product can be used on the most valuable and delicate upholstery or oriental rugs. Blue Label also contains important built in anti-resoil characteristics. Blue label is not suitable for use on leather furniture.

What is Red Label used for?

Red label is a high pH detergent formulated for the Aridex and Esprit low moisture upholstery cleaning system. Red label detergent cleaner is ideal for restoring heavily soiled upholstery and removing stubborn stains. Contains anti-resoil characteristics and is safe for use on stain resist fabrics, synthetic fibres, nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene. Works well on commercial seating areas and blended to perform well in soft or hard water. Red label is not suitable for use on leather furniture.

What is Prelim used for?

Prelim is used on those difficult to clean areas, such as heavily soiled seat cushions, arms and headrests. Prelim is a powerful cleaning booster containing professional strength detergents and penetrating solvents that help breakup the surface tension on heavy soiling and emulsify oily sticky substances and greasy residues. It is, however, meant to be used sparingly and always pre-test for colour fastness before using Prelim, carefully apply a detergent solution to a piece of white towel and gently blot the fabric - looking for colour transfer, if colour transfer appears, do not use the product. Prelim is not suitable for use on leather upholstery.

Can mixed cleaning solution be stored in the machine?

A tank of detergent solution will be useable for up to 3 to 4 days. After this period the detergent should be removed and the tank should be thoroughly cleaned.

My customer assumes their upholstery isn’t dirty because it doesn’t look dirty!

They reason with the idea that they are not walking on it so it can’t be as dirty as the carpet. These facts about perspiration will help to establish some good reasons for cleaning upholstery. Perspiration residue left on upholstery can often leave unpleasant odours and bacteria which can weaken the fabric and affect the colour. Customers who have pets will appreciate the fact that vacuum cleaning will remove pet hair but not the smell. Transfer of perspiration residue and bacteria in offices and public buildings can also present a serious health risk.

Why are some cleaning companies reluctant to offer upholstery cleaning services?

Many professional carpet cleaners get requests for upholstery cleaning but they are reluctant to offer the service because of the possibility of dye bleeding, fabric shrinkage or water staining. By using the wrong chemical or equipment it is possible to cause damage to some types of fabric. Many cleaners are also concerned about their knowledge of upholstery and there is a greater variety of upholstery fabric on the market than there is in carpet! However, the Host Aridex low-moisture cleaning system makes the cleaning of upholstery a safe and simple task and eliminates many of the problems associated with old fashioned cleaning systems.

What other upholstery cleaning systems are on the market?

There are 4 other methods available for cleaning upholstery. However, none of them compare to the amazing results produced by the Aridex.

The bucket and brush method: involves applying cleaning solution to the fabric by hand with a manual scrubber brush or cloth. This is a very labour intensive method and can involve a lot of moisture resulting in prolonged drying time, shrinkage and dye bleeding.

The hot water extraction method: normally involves the use of a hand tool attached to a high saturation carpet cleaning system. The advantage of this method is immediate extraction of soil. Operator skill is crucial with this method to avoid over wetting which can cause problems like dye bleeding, browning, shrinkage, mold and mildew. There is no mechanical agitation so there is a greater chance of applying a lot of moisture in cleaning heavily soiled areas. Long drying times are a common problem!

The solvent extraction method involves applying chemical solvents to fabrics with a hand tool attached to a specially designed machine. This is a low moisture method which offers the advantage of short drying time and built in soil extraction. Operator skill and training is crucial with this process as heated, air borne solvents can be hazardous if not used properly. If solvents are forced through the fabric, latex backing can be damaged. While solvents effectively dissolve certain soils, many soils are more effectively removed with detergent based products so cleaning effectiveness can be marginal in some cases. Also lack of mechanical agitation can make it more difficult to clean more heavily soiled areas. Cleaning product costs are significantly higher with this method than with other methods of upholstery cleaning.

The dry foam method foam is applied to the fabric with an industrial type pump-up sprayer then a single head rotary scrubbing brush is deployed to agitate the foam into the fabric. The advantage of this system is limited moisture, however, on some types of upholstery single brush mechanical agitation will cause fabric distortion. The second disadvantage is that soil removal must be done with a separate machine as this system does not have built in vacuum extraction.

Is it true that upholstery gets dirtier quicker after being wet cleaned?

Yes, upholstery will get dirtier quicker after being wet cleaned.

Your upholstery may appear to look clean after is has been wet cleaned but the truth is your soft furnishings have just been heavily impregnated with copious amounts of water and sticky detergent. Dirt from clothing and airborne dust particles are quickly attracted by cleaning residue left in the upholstery that will rapidly re-soil the fabric at an alarming rate.

Evidence of upholstery re-soiling is often noticeable within just a few days after wet cleaning, brown patches on seat cushions and armrests are the usual signs. The problem can be resolved using the Host Aridex. However, the fabric may have sustained permanent damage depending on how much water and detergent has been previously used. The Aridex low moisture upholstery cleaning system uses specially formulated anti-resoil cleaning technology, fabrics will not re-soil and stains will not come back.

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