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Frequently Asked Questions - Vacuum Related

How do you stop Host sponges going on to skirting boards etc?

The Host Freestyle and Liberator Machines will minimize this problem because there is a skirt around the base of the hood which keeps the Host under the machine and prevents them from splattering.

The Host particles get in the carpet and will not come out

If you are experiencing this difficulty, it is normally due to the vacuum cleaner. We have found that if your vacuum will not remove Host, then it will not do its major job which is to remove dirt. The normal, everyday tracked-in particles of sand and grit are heavier than Host.

It is important that the vacuum cleaner be in good operating condition. It should have fresh belts, an empty bag, the proper agitation (brush and bar or all brushes) and it should be adjusted to the proper carpet height. If the vacuum is in good working condition, there should be no problem vacuuming Host. When using the Host Reliant Carpet Cleaning Machine we recommend the Sebo BS36 upright vacuum cleaner which will produce optimum results.

The Host extractorVAC integral vacuum cleaning system which is built into the Host Freestyle and Host Liberator will eliminate much of this concern. The combination of the counter rotating brushes and the 120 CFMs of air movement help to achieve superior removal of the Host sponges from the carpet.

Host is hard to vacuum out of some carpets

In some cases on a tight, loop pile carpet, you may notice some residual Host after cleaning. Especially if it was necessary to apply Host several times in order to get the area clean. Some of the Host may get caught in between the loops making the area appear tan, gold, yellow or white.

The best way to remove Host is to power brush the area with the Host extractorVAC and then vacuum again. The best way to avoid vacuuming problems is to use the Host extractorVAC.

When you are using the Host extractorVAC you will find that removal of Host is simplified. The eVAC performs best when the Host is vacuumed lightly damp. We have found that removal from tight, loop pile carpets is very good.

What type of vacuum do I need to remove Host?

The best way to remove Host from the carpet is with the Host extractorVAC on the Liberator or Freestyle. If you do not have an eVAC and you are using a Host Reliant then simply use an upright vacuum cleaner. The Sebo BS36 is ideal for this purpose and a perfect accompaniment for the Host system. Click here for more details.

What is the best type of vacuum cleaner to use on my carpets?

Carpet manufacturers recommend the use of Upright Vacuum Cleaners; the Sebo BS36 is ideal and very effective in removing loose soil and grit from your carpet. The double action rotary brush system grooms and cleans more thoroughly deep into the base of the carpet pile. Tub vacuum cleaners are not recommended for daily use but perfectly ok for once weekly cleaning or spot vacuuming. Click here for more details.

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