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The Hotel and Hospitality industry has tried all sorts of carpet cleaning machines, hot water extraction and steam being the main ones.

Housekeeping managers nationwide say; wet cleaning machines work ok but the downside is;

  • The equipment takes ages to setup
  • Wet carpet cleaning machines are very heavy and difficult to use
  •  It’s really hard carrying all those buckets of water to fill up the machine
  • It’s even worse emptying gallons and gallons of dirty water down the toilet or the drain
  • All those trailing water hoses coming from the machine are so hazardous for guests and staff
  • Carpets take too long to dry and the chemicals often leave an unpleasant smell

Housekeeping managers nationwide say....

In the Hotel industry, we have limited turn-a-round time for cleaning each room so it's important to have a system that's easy to setup, simple to use, fast and effective, and most importantly leaves our carpets perfectly clean, fragrant and dry, which is why we use Host!

  • The Host system is ideal, no downtime in setting up the equipment
  • The maintenance team and our cleaning staff find Host so easy to use
  • The fragrance of Host is delightful.
  • The standard of cleaning is amazing
  • The carpets are perfectly dry and facilities are ready to use and no lost revenue on downtime
  • The machine takes up very little space and fits neatly into our cleaning store

Holiday Parks & Resorts

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During winter shutdowns, the park shuts down the water supply to caravans to prevent water pipes from freezing and causing a major flood. The winter shutdown period is also the precious time the housekeeping department needs to deep clean guest accommodation and without water readily available.

During the winter season the heating in guest accommodation is shutdown too, if we wet clean, carpets and soft furnishings can take many days to dry – damage caused by mildew is a common problem.  

First impressions count! Whether experiencing a welcome escape from daily life, an all-action holiday guest or member expects the Highest Standards of accommodation and cleanliness. Never before has it been so important to make that lasting impression that keeps people coming back repeatedly - again and again.

More and more these days, green environmental credentials are becoming a major selling point in the Hotel and Leisure industries.At Cleantec we combine science and nature to produce innovative, ecological cleaning products. All the ingredients in our products are REACH compliant and comply with EU bio degradability legislation.

Alongside our product range which includes the uniqueENVIRODRI DRY CARPET CLEANING SYSTEMwe work closely with our customers in the Hospitality Industry to provide customised solutions designed to meet their specific needs.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

With so many families opting for the UK holiday market, never before has it been so important for holiday parks and resorts to make a first and lasting impression that keeps your guests coming back.

With holiday accommodation running 24/7 Host is the ideal cleaning system to keep carpets and upholstery in first class condition.

Using the Host dry carpet cleaning system the average caravan or apartment can be ready in 20 minutes. It is fast, easy to use and minimal training required.

Simple to use. minimal training required, and most importantly dry!

The Host system is suitable for small and large areas and ideal for working in confined spaces, lightweight and compact design and carpets can be walked on during and immediately after cleaning, no water required, just the magic formula of Host.

When turnaround time is limited and the previous guest has made cleaning more than a challenge, host has the answer;

  • Carpets deep cleaned and dry in minutes - not hours!
  • Ideal for caravans, apartments and entertainment areas
  • Unique chewing gum and stain removal system, even cigarette burns can be removed!
  • The Host carpet cleaning system leaves carpets fresh, fragrant and clean.
  • High power vacuum cleaning technology power brushes, pile lifts and helps revive flattened and dulled out carpet.
  • Unique to us we provide free on-site training and unlimited technical support
  • We pride ourselves on being able to supply free on-site training and unlimited technical support.

Every guest expects the highest standard of accommodation so it important to meet the challenge by implementing a clean and healthy environment too.

Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Products and Accessories

Our range of environment friendly Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Products uses the highest quality natural ingredients - dermatologically tested, 100% recycled, 100% natural and 100% biodegradable.

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The Host dry carpet cleaning system - great for all types of carpet, in all types of places

Host cleans grouted tiles too!

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