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The primary carpet cleaning product is Host Sponges dry carpet cleaner. The quantity of product required to clean an area of carpet depends on the level of soiling. Naturally, a heavily soiled carpet would requier more product than a carpet that has relatively low soiling. The usage guide below will help you to identify the approximate quantity of product required to clean an area of 100 m² of carpet.

The secondary cleaning product is Host Prep traffic lane booster (carpet pre-spray) Specially formulated for use with Host Sponges dry carpet cleaner Prep is used to help remove dirt and grease from heavily soiled carpet, ideal for pre-spraying walkways, high traffic areas and patches of stubborn dirt. Supplied as a concentrate dilution ratio 1:4 (one litre of Prep concentrate makes 5 litres of carpet pre-spray). The usage guide below shows the approximate quantity required in concentratedvolume to cover an area of 100 m² of carpet.

Host Sponges


Host sponges for professional use, non toxic and biodegradable - carpets deep clean and dry in minutes not hours!

Stock Code Quantity Net Price
30H Single 13.6kg Bucket Host Sponges £46.50
412H Special Offer 4 x 5.4kg Buckets £45.00 Each Bucket (£180.00)
412H-S 1 x 5.4kg (easy carry lightweight bucket) £28.98

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Host Sponges - Dry Carpet Cleaner


Convenient to use 1kg bag of host carpet cleaning sponges

Stock Code Quantity Net Price
C1373 24 x 1kg Bag £132.00
C1373-S6 6 x 1kg Bag £45.00

Prep Booster Carpet Cleaning Pre Spray


Traffic lane booster for extremely soiled carpet

Stock Code Quantity Net Price
PS4 4 x US Gall £36.11 (Each US Gallon) £144.00 Per Case
PS4-S 1 x US Gall £39.95

Host Spot Remover

spot removers1

Great all round spotter for carpets - Woolsafe Approved

Stock Code Quantity Net Price
S12L 12 x 0.95lt £11.50 (Each Bottle) £138.00 Per Case
S12L-S 1 x 0.95lt £12.70

Host Machine Carpet Cleaning Brushes

chipmunk semisoft

Chipmunk Semi Soft Nylon Brushes - for residential cut pile and loop pile carpet

  Stock Code Net Price
Freestyle M1019 £198.00

white standard nylon

White Standard Nylon Brushes - for commercial and some low pile residential cut pile carpet

  Stock Code Net Price
Liberator M50221 £228.00
Freestyle M1019 £198.00

zebra firm brushes

Zebra Firm Brushes - for commercial nylon loop and cut pile carpet

  Stock Code Net Price
Liberator M50223 £228.00
Freestyle M1021 £198.00

red firm nylon

Red Firm Nylon - for deep cleaning grouted floor tile

  Stock Code Net Price
Liberator M50263 £228.00
Freestyle M1023 £198.00

gold soft nylon

Gold Soft Nylon Brushes - for soft pile carpet including Berbers and Orientals and high quality rugs

  Stock Code Net Price
Freestyle M1019 £198.00

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Carpet Cleaning Product Usage Guide


Light Soil

per 100 m²

Medium Soil

per 100 m²

Heavy Soil

per 100 m²

Restoration Clean

per 100 m²

Host Sponges 1kg 1.5kg 2.5kg 3kg
Host Prep
137ml 274ml 411ml 548ml
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