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LTT Leather Ink Remover - Simple and Easy To Use


LTT Leather Ink remover is a Soft gel product for removal of ink (ball point pen) from pigmented/coated or protected leather. Only effective on new ink marks. Do not use on absorbent aniline style leathers as it is likely to leave greasy residue which cannot be removed.

Test this product carefully and always monitor progress whilst in use. It can remove some delicate finishes (two tone/antique style). Apply a generous amount of product to the ink line, only, using a cotton bud and allow to dwell for 30 seconds

The product should be allowed to dissolve the ink and lift it out. Wipe away product and assess results, reapply as required. Check the cotton bud for colour transfer.

If any ink remains after 2-3 applications then the ink remover then the ink stain can be regarded as permament. Not usually effective on permanent felt tip and marking pens

£4.95 per pen


If you don’t quite get the difference between Pigmented and Coated Leathers, here is some help.  The surface of Pigmented Leather is coated, that is coloured, with a material containing pigment and is in effect, painted. The colouring is opaque and may be sealed with a polyurethane coat or laquer. This leather doesn’t absorb water readily and so is quite easy to wipe clean. But unless this leather is cared for properly it can crack and deteriorate. So there’s no real difference in the terms Pigmented or Coated, essentially they are interchangeable.

Watch out for the use of the term Finished Leather or Fully Finished Leather as this encompasses all the procedures that can be applied after the initial tanning and dyeing process and includes, rolling, spraying, waxing, milling, buffing, embossing, antiquing plus coating and pigmenting. It’s a nice term that is often thrown around but needs to be qualified!

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